Matrix Wireless Interface

MATRIX™ is an interface that combines the intelligence and reliability of two down hole data acquisition specialists.


MATRIX ™ enables a permanent gauge to be matched to Metrol’s blend of wireless technologies and gives the client the ability to manage the reservoir efficiently whilst supplying a life of well pressure gauge system.

The upper completion component is supplied by Emerson, the provider of the Roxar cabled permanent downhole gauges.

The lower completion component of MATRIX™ is supplied by Metrol, leaders in downhole wireless telemetry, measuring and controlling flow directly at the sandface.

Understanding and managing multi-zonal contribution is possible using Metrol’s suite of tools without the need for packer penetrations or wired connectors.


-5 to 150°C

Operational Temperature

20,000 psi

Design Pressure

5 Years at 150°C / 10 Years at 100°C

Design Life

Inconel 718


Features & Key Technologies

  • Permanent gauge requirement is met by the Roxar gauge system for life of well
  • Cable is dual purpose, it enables communication with wireless data from lower completion
  • System life of MATRIX™ wireless component is ten years - subject to temperature limits and usage
  • OCULUS™ pressure gauges
  • PRO-LOG™ thermal mapping of the pay zone
  • FLOW-SURE™ in-flow control valves

Other Metrol tools like our CROSS-FIRE™ firing head for remotely firing TCP guns or fluid ID devices measuring density and capacitance for water detection are available.