Flapper Pressure Test Valve

Flapper Pressure Test Valve from Metrol.


The FPT-V is designed to allow the tubing string to be pressure tested while running in the hole. The valve incorporates a flapper mechanicism that seats and seals when pressure is applied from above, but will float open against a retainer spring as the string is run in hole.

When the string is on depth and pressure testing is complete, pressure can be applied to the annulus to rupture a sheer disc and shift an internal mandrel to lock open the flapper.

Features & Benefits

  • Enables self-fill of DST string
  • Unrestricted ID once tool is locked open
  • Withstands high differential across flapper
  • Suitable for high deviation
  • Suitable for DST, integrity tests & flex trips
  • Field replaceable rupture disc


Max OD: 5.5”[139.7mm]

Tool ID: 2.25”[57mm]

Flow Area: 3.976sq.in

Temperature Rating: 347°F[175°C]

Length: 7.56ft [2.3m]

Connection: 3.5” 15.8# PH6

Max. differential across flap: 15,000psi[103MPa]

Differential pressure: 18,000psi[124MPa]

Max. annular pressure: 18,000psi[124MPa]

Max. tubing pressure 18,000psi[124MPa]

Min. hydrostatic pressure: 3000psi[20.6MPa]*

Max tensile: 445,000lbf[1979KN]

Material standard: NACE MR 0175/ISO 15156

*Limited by lowest pressure rating of Metrol rupture disc. Can be lower upon request.